NEW! V-Locks safety locks for specific types of Velux® tilt-roof windows. Developed and produced in the Netherlands. Covered with NEN 5096 class 2 certificate.


Research has shown that the types of Velux® GGL / GGU tumbling / tilting windows until the year of construction 2013 can be opened from the outside relatively easily. V-Locks has therefore developed a new and unique set of safety locks for Velux® tilt / roof windows of the type GGL / GGU, up to construction year 2013. We supply the locks as a complete set of 2, including safety screws, mounting bits and a mounting instruction flyer and video.
The specific GGL (pine) and GGU (plastic) types of frame, and handle models are named below. This is because on the Velux® models from 2013, these V-Locks safety locks no longer fit.


Old Velux® codes, on which these types of V-locks locks DO fit:
The code on the plate at the head of the turning part indicates the window size and the year of construction of your skylight:
– From 2001 to 2012: one letter and two digits, eg Velux GGL S06
– From 1991 to 2001: three digits, eg Velux GGL 606
– Older than 1991: one or two digits, eg Velux GGL 4


The latest Velux® code, on which these types of V-locks do NOT fit:
From 2013, the latest series of Velux® skylights has been launched, with a code of two letters and two digits, eg Velux GGL SK06.
Formerly Velux GGL-S06 and Velux GGL-606 and Velux GGL-4.